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Column: Caprice

Winter will soon be waking spring but hesitates to whisper of the season, knowing spring will lift her head, fling off his ermine robe, once again place blossoms at his feet and flee to place her hand in summer’s.   Mary Louise Cox, poet laureate of the Town and Village of Mamaroneck      

Poetic License 6-6-2014

“Ah but I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now.” -Bob Dylan   A-HA By Fred Rosenberg, guest poet   A survey appearing on e-mail desired the date of my birth; with honesty not characteristic, I wrote out the answer with mirth.   To continue the survey I waited, but a blockage […]

Poetic License

The poet’s job is to find a name for everything. -Jane Kenyon Laments From the chapbook, “Shards,” by Mary Louise Cox   Sometimes in the morning octaves of a flute path my gray-green woods moontoning   Buried sounds chase through me locking mourning into dream scales of silver remembered laments.   “In India the sound […]

Poetic License 5-9-2014

“Poetry is aimless, not purposeful. The poem is dancing with itself.”— Billy Collins “Observance”   At that time I saw further into the roseate glow at the edges of late hour clouds, I was the watcher, alert to the changing position of fireflies, the changing heart. I tasted stone mint— heard minstrels sing and recite, […]

Poetic License 4-18-14

Unclutter your writing time. Simply write down what you hear. “The Spider”  The Fate Weaver moves across blackened letters on a plaque feeling for a place to spin. Traveling the word love, it drops a filmy dragline, spins a pattern out of itself so exquisite that once again the gods are angry.   Mary Louise […]

Poetic License 4-4-14

Children are symbolic of the beginning and of abundant possibilities.   To a former foster child Solange De Santis, Chairman of the Mamaroneck Arts Council Tell me, How does a spirit rise From a place so fragmented A young heart so bruised?   If a million hurricanes Flood the Rockaways From sea to bay, Would […]

Poetic License 3-14-2014

Poems can awaken the sleeping imagination. Wait Watcher   Over time, what have you waited for? Sunshine or rain? A train, a plane? The evening news? A cat to come home? Meaning? Love? A vacation? A blue moon? Spring flowers, autumn leaves? A birthday celebration? An anniversary? A new year? The clock to strike? Tomorrow? […]

Poetic License 2-21-14

Pretending After all these years I still awaken before dawn pretending it’s my turn on watch as the world spins into light. Until the sky brightens I pretend it’s up to me to see that the world is kept safe. I have wished all these years that pretending had more power!

Poetic License 1-31-2014

Picnic in the Snow   The tree leans against winter like the urge of change against a mind bare of questions.   Beneath this tree we two brush snow from a rock.   We make a table there. We celebrate under branches of a winter dying tree.   Mary Louise Cox, poet laureate of the […]

Poetic License 1-17-14

Found Among my notes, this! There are hobgoblins in my soul. When they get dancing, singing, clapping, laughing, beating drums— I stop and listen! Who wrote these words? I hope I did! Mary Louise Cox, poet laureate of the Town and Village of Mamaroneck