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Recent killings just more of the same

By cliff jackson The murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown along with the killing of several other black males since their murders, who were all unarmed, including a 12 year-old boy by a white police officer, as well as the recent revelations about systemic racism and abuse by the Ferguson Police Department vividly illustrates […]

Malcolm X was ahead of his time

By CLIFF JACKSON James Baldwin said, “To be black and relatively conscious in America, was to be in a constant state of rage.” That exemplified Malcolm X and his understanding of how racist, brutal and evil United States history truly is. Feb. 21, 2015 was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of El Hajj Malik […]

Parker, Morque means SPI 2.0?

On Monday, Nov. 3, Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker held the second of three Playland-related meetings at the Rye library. Poorly advertised so far, they have garnered low turnout, which may just have been according to plan because what came up at this meeting on Nov. 3 would go over in Rye like a lead […]

Charter change opposition bipartisan

By Meg Cameron In last week’s op-ed piece, Peter Lane, who is a paid political consultant to the Rye City Republicans, dismissed the public outcry against Mayor Joe Sack’s proposals to re-write our city charter and misrepresented the motives of the citizens who have expressed alarm. One of Sack’s proposals would take the job of […]

It’s called Rye Playland for a reason

By Joe Sack As Westchester County has effectively paused its Rye Playland plans until after the election season, it’s important not to confuse the lull in the action with the notion that the storm has blown over. The City of Rye should be proud of the fact that residents and local officials alike stood up […]

OP-ED: Hillary the triangulator

By Peter Lane In response to the Republican power shifting victories in the mid-term 1994 congressional elections, then President Bill Clinton successfully repositioned himself politically prior to the 1996 election by practicing the art of “triangulation.” Though the term itself may then have been applied for the first time, Clinton was hardly the first politician […]

A rare failure of the president’s political mojo

By Peter Lane I’m sure we can all agree the political and media firestorm over the Bergdahl affair has far overshadowed the earlier Obama pronouncement made at the recent West Point commencement ceremony. I refer to the president’s statement that we will be withdrawing all of our forces from Afghanistan no later than Dec. 31, […]

OP-ED: Governor is right; educate our prisoners

Politicians are always touting new ways to cut taxes. After all, who really wants to pay more money to the government in light of recent economic turmoil? Whether people are still talking about the economic crisis of 2008 or the economy in general, taxes are always a heavily-weighted topic of discussion. Taxes are almost always […]

OP-ED: Making the (political) point spread

By Peter Lane In the world of politics, your bottom line is an election victory, even if you have to hang a chad or two to achieve a narrow one. That is not so much the case in the coming New York gubernatorial election, in which margins matter to both sides, albeit in very different […]

OP-ED: A view of Harrison’s unjustified parking bargains

By Emil Toso It is not commonly understood that Harrison taxpayers are providing 250 free shopper parking spaces in our off-street lots located in various areas of our business districts. Those spaces are provided for approximately 100 business property owners who have not themselves provided any customer parking for their real estate investment rentals, stores […]