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School district divide splits Tuckahoe

By CHRIS EBERHART The public caught a glimpse of the administration-versus-teachers mantra that teachers say is eroding morale inside the Tuckahoe school district during a back-and-forth exchange at the March 10 and April 7 Board of Education meetings. At both meetings, Tuckahoe teachers union president Marianne Amato opposed the district’s proposed layoff of a social […]

Union president: Teachers are innocent

By LIZ BUTTON After a year of relative silence on the matter, Rye’s teachers union made itself seen and heard at the April 8 Board of Education meeting on the issue of the district’s four reassigned elementary school teachers, who were removed from their classrooms last May after being accused of “improper coaching” during state […]

Proposed landlord law debated

By PHIL NOBILE Citing safety issues and communication concerns, the town publicly proposed a new law that would require the majority of rental property owners to register their contact information with the town. The law would include lofty fines for not complying and broader power for the Building Department. Although presented with the purpose of […]

State budget axes inBloom

By CHRIS EBERHART The state Education Department has abandoned the controversial student database inBloom. The state discontinued inBloom’s service as part of its budget—passed on March 31—but parents remain concerned with the prospect of data collection as a possibility going forward. Collecting personally identifiable student data was a component of the Common Core, created in […]

Playland meeting yields a stalemate

By CHRIS EBERHART The Playland jurisdiction debate is boiling down to a who-blinks-first battle of wills between the Westchester County administration and the City of Rye. Both Rye Mayor Joe Sack, a Republican, and County Executive Rob Astorino, also a Republican, have dug their heels into the ground of Playland’s parking lot and neither side […]

County considers increasing tobacco age

By KATIE HOOS Proposed legislation to increase the minimum age to purchase cigarettes in Westchester County from 18 to 19 aims to reduce young smokers’ access to tobacco products and, in turn, improve residents’ health, but some critics of the bill say, if passed, the legislation would cause more harm than good. Initiated last month […]

Rye freshman directs Mormon basketball doc

By LIZ BUTTON Rye High School freshman Zack Samberg got the chance to combine his two loves, basketball and film, when he created and co-directed a behind-the-scenes documentary about an underdog basketball team from a mostly Mormon high school in Utah that took the 2012-2013 National Championships by storm. The 21-minute documentary, called “The Book […]

Harrison debate star to compete internationally

By CHRIS EBERHART Danny DeBois, a 17-year-old senior at Harrison High School, is the country’s No. 1 Lincoln-Douglas debater, which is a one-on-one, timed form of debates. Come August, he will take his talents to Bangkok, Thailand to partake in an international debate competition. DeBois was selected by the National Forensic League—along with nine students […]

Harrison couple values communi-tea service

By KATIE HOOS A tea connoisseur and business owner specializing in the international tea trade, Domenick Ciaccia and his wife, Sue, value the gift of education and have, in turn, dedicated their time and resources to giving back to the Westchester community they call home. The couple, who lived in White Plains for 27 years […]

“Ragtime” is a must-see musical

By MICHELLE JACOBY “A must-see” is how we describe shows or films we must see. “Ragtime, The Musical,” now playing now at the Westchester Broadway Theatre definitely falls into this category. The Standing Ovation Studios of Armonk graces the stage as Westchester’s largest production with a cast of 40 New York City, national and local […]