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Rye appeals Seaside Johnnie’s tax decision

By LIZ BUTTON The city has appealed a county court ruling ordering it to refund thousands of dollars in back taxes to the Rye Town Park Commission, calling for the reversal of the judge’s decision that takes Seaside Johnnie’s restaurant back off the city’s tax rolls. When it comes to the amount of money the […]

Police commissioner search may broaden

By LIZ BUTTON Since Police Commissioner William Connors stepped down from his post last month, the city’s conception of what an appropriate permanent replacement would look like has evolved to include the option of a public safety commissioner, who would oversee both the police and fire departments. More than a month has gone by since […]

Local roadways plagued by potholes

By KATIE HOOS Melting snow and ice in the wake of recent mild weather are revealing roadways pockmarked with crater-like potholes, leaving frustrated motorists to navigate the obstacle course or risk serious damage to their vehicles. Potholes, though anticipated as a perennial winter occurrence in the Northeast, are seemingly worse this year after the harsh […]

Dems lash out at possible Astorino bid

By PHIL NOBILE While the current county executive prepares for a likely run for New York governor within the coming year, some Democrats have already begun playing partisan politics, sparking initial criticisms of the executive’s focus, and whether or not Westchester is on the forefront of his agenda. Although County Executive Rob Astorino, a Republican, […]

Police union sues city

By LIZ BUTTON The Rye Police Benevolent Association filed a lawsuit against the city on Jan. 29 to dispute the state arbitration board’s Oct. 23, 2013, contract award on the grounds it excludes seven ex-members of the police force from receiving the same 3 percent retroactive pay increase as current members. The PBA’s attorney, Christopher […]

DPW, police make purchases

By PHIL NOBILE Town residents will see some new Department of Public Works and police vehicles and equipment in Harrison streets this coming year after recent approvals were made by the Town Council, as well as approval to bid for new police video systems. The council authorized the town’s Purchasing Department to purchase three new […]

Lake Isle has new caterer

By CHRIS EBERHART Lake Isle’s ongoing facelift from a town-owned country club to a state-of-the-art facility continues with the addition of a new caterer. Eastchester Town Supervisor Anthony Colavita, a Republican, announced the town has hired Eastchester Events, Inc., a newly-formed collection of caterers whose first step as a business was taking over the catering […]

Village’s snow budget depleted

By ASHLEY HELMS Numerous storms have pummeled the Village of Mamaroneck this winter with more than two feet of snow. As a result, the village’s snow budget has been depleted and requires extra shipments of salt before the winter is over. According to Village Clerk Augie Fusco, taking into con-sideration the bills for new salt […]

Waterfront development changes draw criticism

By KATIE HOOS As the Village of Mamaroneck’s overhaul of its long-standing Local Waterfront Revitalization Program nears the final stages, some opponents are questioning whether the proposed changes would jeopardize the village’s waterfront character.  The Local Waterfront Revitalization Program acts as a comprehensive guide for expansion along the village’s coastal zone, promoting balance between the […]

Rye educators, legislators address Common Core

By LIZ BUTTON Rye educators and legislators assembled on Feb. 12 to speak to parents about education reform, focusing in on the new Common Core Learning Standards associated with high stakes testing and their effect on Rye City schools. The panel took place two days after the state Education Department’s Board of Regents announced its […]