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Letter: Let’s keep Maisano in place

To the Editor, On Nov. 5, we’ll go to the polls to elect our local leaders and I’ll be voting to re-elect Jim Maisano for Westchester County Legislator in the 11th district, which includes New Rochelle and Pelham. In his years as our elected legislator, and prior to that as a U.S. Marine and as an […]

Letter: Bramson future, a dangerous one

To the Editor, In his TV ad “We Care,” Westchester County Executive candidate Noam Bramson lays out an abridged version of his vision for the future of Westchester County’s children; the only problem is that his future is one of inconsistency and danger. In his ad, Bramson says he is a proponent of “a woman’s […]

Letter: An unpleasant surprise

Editor’s note: The following is an open letter sent to Eastchester Town Supervisor Anthony Colavita.    Supervisor Colavita, We were surprised to wake up on the morning of Friday, Sept. 27 to a garish sign on Bronxville’s former Alfredo Field regarding what we feel is a selective interpretation of Eastchester’s leash law. We understand this […]

Letter: Bramson has a lot to learn

To the Editor, I have lived in New Rochelle for many years and I appreciate the multi-cultural community in which I live. My children have gone through the school system from Columbus Elementary School, through Isaac E. Young Middle School and both graduated from New Rochelle High School. I have always served this community as […]

Letter: Naming rights a mistake

To the Editor, I read with dismay of the decision by the Harrison Public Library Foundation and Harrison Public Library, in connection with the downtown Harrison library’s planned renovation, to name an area set aside for teenagers the Marmot Teen Center in response to the Jarden Corporation’s pledge of up to $100,000 of matching funding. […]

Letter: Cavallo endorses Mehler candidacy

To the Editor, I fully support and endorse the candidacy of Jason L. Mehler. He has made a huge decision to run solely as a candidate for the Rye City Council on the Independence Party line. Jason’s reputation, as well as his accomplishments and experience provide him with a broad range of skills. His ability to understand […]

Letter: Vote for values

To the Editor, After due consideration, I endorse Jason L. Mehler for Rye City Council.  Mr. Mehler is an articulate, sincere, former 18-year auditor and tax manager who turned to other ventures to spend more time with his family…and that is values, something that is so absent from city government today.  Do you think, had […]

Letter: Way to go, Review, part 1

To the Editor, Congratulations and thank you for reshaping the Review to make it a truly Larchmont/Mamaroneck-centric newspaper, which takes its responsibility for covering local news seriously. If the coverage of Catherine Parker’s victory in the Democratic primary is a sample of what we can expect from The Mamaroneck Review, we are fortunate. We look […]

Letter: Way to go, Review, part 2

To the Editor, Congratulations on your new name and your new paper stock. It’s so bright, so white, so easy to read. Now your reporting and columns will be more valuable than ever. In this digital age, thank you for remaining a local, print publication that arrives at our homes every week. Catherine Hiller, Mamaroneck

Letter: Leave Syria in God’s hands

To the Editor, Recently, President Obama has been talking about punishing Syria for killing off about l,000 Syrians, which included more than 400 children. In retaliation for this savage act, President Obama is acting alone since the UN will not support him in the use of force. If Obama was as smart as he thinks […]