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Letter: Astorino and Gelfarb have been great

To the Editor, Politicians make a lot of promises. Most of the time, those promises are a dime a dozen. It is rare when an elected official actually delivers on the promises they make during a campaign. Here in Westchester County, we are fortunate to have two outstanding elected officials–County Executive Rob Astorino, and County […]

Letter: Marcotte: Just another Tea Partier

To the Editor, Sheila Marcotte voted to rescind partnership benefits for same sex couples when she was on the Eastchester town board, and she has brought that same Tea Party mentality to the county cegislature. With Rob Astorino, she has put partisan politics above serving the people who elected her, voting to cut much-needed funding […]

Letter: Verni an escape from partisan politics

To the Editor, I am writing to endorse John Verni for county legislator for District Seven, which encompasses Mamaroneck, Larchmont, Rye and parts of New Rochelle and Harrison. Given the times we live in, when both political parties are constantly at odds, we need non-partisan leaders like John Verni to step up and help bring […]

Letter: Neuringer: Rosenblum, Santoro desperate

To the Editor, I would like to respond to the article about me that appeared in The Mamaroneck Review on Oct. 25 (Neuringer violated ethics code). I refuse to allow my reputation to be dragged through the mud. My running mate Kerry Stein and I believe this cowardly action of sending an anonymous package to […]

Letter: Vote for people, not parties

To the Editor, I am voting for Peter Jovanovich, independent for mayor, Democrat Meg Cameron and Republicans Julie Killian and Terry McCartney for City Council this year. Why? As a long-time resident, my instinct has always told me to seek out candidates, regardless of party affiliation, in local elections who believe in the social contract […]

Letter: Carey: Sack an outstanding servant

To the Editor, As I study the faces on the dais at Rye City Council meetings, I ask myself which of the men up there would I like to “have my back” in a time and place of danger. Which of them would I like on my side when the going is tough? Run your […]

Letter: Get Jovanovich out of there

To the Editor, Peter Jovanovich ran for City Council on the Change for Rye Republican slate in 2009. He was elected along with Doug French, Suzanna Keith and Rich Fillipi, none of whom are running for a second term. Jovanovich, inexplicably, is running for mayor. He’s done nothing to earn a second term, let alone […]

Letter: Former councilmen support Jovanovich

To the Editor, When we ran for Rye City Council in 2003, property taxes were rising at a rate three times the rate of inflation, and city debt levels were skyrocketing. During our tenure on the City Council, we ensured the rate of annual increases in property taxes was no greater than the rate of […]

Letter: Sack on the right side of change

To the Editor, I write this letter to support Joe Sack for mayor. The City of Rye needs new leadership on the City Council. We need a capable, vital, bright individual who is and has been on the right side of the most important issue that Rye has confronted over the past few years: The […]

Letter: Sack a proven leader

To the Editor, My name is Jim Richardson, Jr., and I have lived in Rye for almost my entire life. I think Rye, for numerous reasons, is the perfect place to live. Unfortunately, recent events involving the golf club, the City Council and the mayor’s office have, for the first time, forced me to question […]