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Letter: Don’t use the electronic signs in Harrison

To the Editor, I have been hearing a lot of conversations based on the use of electronic advertising signs that have been proposed for use in Harrison. This is not the only issue. There is talk of using our police cars and ambulances for advertising as if they were delivery trucks. Are we really in […]

Letter: A Democrat for Maisano

To the Editor, This Election Day, I’m voting for Jim Maisano for county legislator for New Rochelle and Pelham. Jim is independent, bipartisan and one of the most experienced members of the county legislature. I’m a Democrat supporting Jim Maisano because it’s always best to vote for the best candidate instead of voting for a […]

Letter: Maisano: The best for New Rochelle

To the Editor, I encourage all New Rochelle and Pelham residents to vote for Jim Maisano for county legislator on Election Day. Jim is a lifelong New Rochelle resident that knows his district very well—Jim knows every neighborhood and has visited every street. Jim is proud to raise his family in the city where he […]

Letter: No one more qualified than Colavita

To the Editor, I have voted in many local elections and have come to know that people vote for the person, not the party. They vote for the most qualified candidate. That’s why I’m supporting Tony Colavita. He has served in one capacity or another on most of our non-profit community service organizations. He earned […]

Letter: Colavita works well with others

To the Editor, My wife and I moved to Eastchester in 1999 to raise our family because we were impressed by all the town had to offer, including its great school system. I am glad to see the level of cooperation and support of our schools by Supervisor Tony Colavita and his administration. During his […]

Letter: Amelio no friend to the B-zone

To the Editor, Who do we vote for? So far I have three definites, Jackie Greer, Nancy Masi and any candidate other than Councilwoman Marlane Amelio. A vote for Greer and Masi, because I think it is ridiculous that their jobs should be politically connected. They spend two years at their job learning it, or […]

Letter: Belmont, board only look out for themselves

To the Editor, Supervisor Belmont likes to say, “Only you can make it great to live in Harrison.” It’s a lovely sentiment and speaks to the ideal of citizens actively involved in the public sphere. Yet, Belmont’s words seem strange to me; what about the public servants entrusted to do what’s in the best interest […]

Letter: Campaign billboards moved

To the Editor, People complain about all the campaign signs that line our streets during election season. Candidates complain that someone is “stealing” their signs as some disappear. However, in Harrison, the Republicans moved to a new level. First instance: The Joan Walsh Team billboard in West Harrison, on Lake Street near Donahue’s store, was […]

Letter: Astorino and Gelfarb have been great

To the Editor, Politicians make a lot of promises. Most of the time, those promises are a dime a dozen. It is rare when an elected official actually delivers on the promises they make during a campaign. Here in Westchester County, we are fortunate to have two outstanding elected officials–County Executive Rob Astorino, and County […]

Letter: Marcotte: Just another Tea Partier

To the Editor, Sheila Marcotte voted to rescind partnership benefits for same sex couples when she was on the Eastchester town board, and she has brought that same Tea Party mentality to the county cegislature. With Rob Astorino, she has put partisan politics above serving the people who elected her, voting to cut much-needed funding […]