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Letter: Corporate America has always been a brutal entity

o the Editor, April 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the slaughter of 26 men, women and 11 children by the Colorado National Guard and police, who were part of a strike against the inhuman working conditions of Colorado Coal Mines, in Ludlow, Colo., that were owned by John D. Rockefeller. The strike was organized […]

Letter: In support of Karen Belanger

To the Editor, I am writing in support of the re-election of Karen Belanger to the Rye City Board of Education. Her experience as a current board member, Midland PTO president, Midland executive board member and her involvement in several Rye City School District committees speaks for itself. Belanger has proven herself to be a […]

Letter: Alvarez missing the point

To the Editor, It seems I have ruffled the feathers of the school superintendent of Rye and a few parents over one sentence in a previous letter. Apparently, the word insecure and its connotation, rather than its denotation, has been taken as an attack on the children as a whole and the parenting skills as […]

Letter: Make the Playhouse parking

To the Editor, Instead of developing the Mamaroneck Playhouse into condominiums or reviving it, I have another suggestion. The village might acquire the property, convert the front section into retail and office space, and demolish the rear section of the building. Then, the village could combine the rear section with the existing lot behind CVS […]

Letter: If you fix it, we will come, Bow Tie

To the Editor, I don’t know why Bow Tie doesn’t realize what kind of business they can be bringing in if only they refurbished the [Mamaroneck Playhouse]. With all the restaurants on the avenue, it’s a gold mine if done properly. My husband and I would definitely go to the movies in Mamaroneck if it […]

Letter: Rye Golf Club poised for a bounce-back year

The following is an open letter to current and prospective Rye Golf Club members and residents, The Rye Golf Commission wanted to update its members and the public on some of the work accomplished over the last year. After the turmoil surrounding the former manager of Rye Golf Club and an unprofitable 2012, the Golf […]

Letter: Belanger, more than just a friend

To the Editor, I am writing to share a personal anecdote about my recent experience working with school board candidate Karen Belanger, my friend of more than six years. Members who are resourceful, versatile and are committed to representing their constituency best serve any leadership organization. Belanger possesses these skills, which have significantly benefitted our […]

Letter: School superintendent: Letter crossed the line

To the Editor, In its April 24, 2014, edition, the Rye City Review printed a letter that went over the line. This letter, written by someone who is not a resident of Rye, made ad hominem attacks on children who bravely came forward with respect to allegations of potential misconduct. While it is bad enough […]

Letter: New York’s education system: A pitiful mess

To the Editor, Over the past few weeks, I have taken the time to read the lawsuit filed by Carin Mehler, watch the YouTube video of the last Rye City Board of Education meeting and listen to state Sen. George Latimer’s contribution to a New York State education symposium. What I come away with is […]

Letter: A response to two building proposals in Purchase

To the Editor, The following is a letter sent this week to Harrison Planning Board chairman Thomas Heaslip about the proposed soccer team practice facility and the proposal of a 26,000-square-foot church on Anderson Hill Road under board consideration. The writers urge the community to take a stand with them. Attend the meetings on April […]