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Letter: Support The Community Fund

  To the Editor, The Community Fund plays an essential role within the Village of Tuckahoe. The Community Fund generously funds the Tuckahoe Trolley which is utilized by the Eastchester Community Action Program, ECAP, and along with the Tuckahoe police, collaborates with youth programs. It is used in the Irish parade and the Memorial Day […]

Letter: Rock chipping law shows council failure

    To the Editor, At its last meeting, the Rye City Council gave builders the right to increase rock chipping over what the appointed volunteer committee’s compromise restrictions would have allowed. The result is little relief from the oppressive rock chipping noise our neighborhoods are now facing. The new law allows rock chipping with […]

Letter: On Rye’s current master plan

    To the Editor, There have been comments from both the Democratic candidates as well as the Republican candidates about the current Master Plan for the City of Rye, and it is time to add some fact to the discussion: The 1985 City of Rye Development Plan covered the following 10 areas: •Residential development, […]

Letter: Natchez’s political ad

  To the Editor, I am writing in response to the outrageous advertisement that was published in the Review on Oct. 16 sponsored by Daniel Natchez. To suggest that Mayor Rosenblum and Trustee Santoro are solely responsible for cost overruns in the Village of Mamaroneck is simply absurd. Mayor Rosenblum and Trustee Santoro have no […]

Letter: Where is the accountability?

  To the Editor, At the Oct. 13 Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees meeting, it was brought to light that Trustee Leon Potok met privately with Dan Pfeffer, co-owner of Hampshire Country Club. Mr. Potok agreed to this meeting despite the village attorney’s counsel not to do so. Mr. Potok’s transgression is quite frankly […]

letter: The problem with development in our village

    To the Editor, For the last six months, we and many of our neighbors have been fighting against a developer’s plans for a subdivision that we are convinced will forever alter the character of our neighborhood and contribute to existing environmental problems in the community. After attending the Village of Mamaroneck Planning Board […]

Letter: Bigger isn’t always best

To the Editor, Anyone who loves the Village of Mamaroneck wants bigger and better things for our beloved community. Different people interpret this differently. Here’s what I want from the leaders of this village: More concern for the quality of our water, bigger effort to fix pipes causing the contamination, better enforcement of laws protecting […]

Letter: Re: senior citizens and affordable housing

  To the Editor, Last month, Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker issued a press release congratulating herself for bringing affordable senior housing to Rye and led her constituents to believe it was all for Rye residents. She said she took action to help senior citizens remain in the communities where they have lived for many […]

Letter: Figuring out the real number of deer

    To the Editor, In your issue published on Oct. 2, Taffy Williams protested “the madness of a deer cull.” She wrote that the number of deer “could be and is most likely a small population of no more than 20 to 30 deer roaming through Mamaroneck and Rye.” While her credentials as a […]

Letter: Why I still support Molly Spillane’s

    To the Editor, Recently, there have been opinions voiced against Molly Spillane’s. It has mainly been about the noise that irritates some residents that live nearby. I have lived within a half block away from Molly’s and have never been bothered by this noise, or anything else about this establishment. Prior to Mollys’ […]