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Letter: Turn your concern to action

    To the Editor, As parents who care passionately about our children and their education, we can get protective and incensed when our child is not offered the opportunities we feel he or she deserves. In recent years we have fought (and often lost) to keep elementary school librarians, school staff, middle schools sports […]

Letter: Open Door is wrong idea for school

    To the Editor, The Open Door health clinic is a wonderful organization, but not within one of our public schools, especially one with the largest brown and black population. Comparing our district to schools in Port Chester is problematic because the demographic there enforced a Latino-friendly climate that we don’t have in Larchmont […]

Letter: Deer numbers are not credible

    To the Editor, The shocking reality is that Westchester County has given Westchester County Bowhunters Association, WCBA,—whose existence is based and depends on the killing of deer—the authority to present deer population density figures to municipalities who may have “slaughter” or “culls” in mind for local wildlife. Talk about the “fox guarding the […]

Letter: Come one, come all to the parade

  To the Editor, As we deal with yet another winter that just won’t end, the Eastchester Irish American Social Club has your antidote. It is the 11th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, to be held on Sunday, March 15 at 3 p.m. in the Town of Eastchester. This highly anticipated event is a true […]

Letter: Fire letter doesn’t tell whole story

To the Editor, In response to the letter of gratitude authored by Mr. Richard Cherry, chairperson of the Town of Mamaroneck Housing Authority and published in your Feb. 27 edition, I would like to add my voice. The Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department indeed put forth remarkable effort and skill in extinguishing the fire at […]

Letter: Democrats remember Ross, Stampleman

    To the Editor, The Rye City Democratic Committee mourns the loss of two stalwart local Democrats. Obituaries for Warren Ross and Nancy Stampleman are available in local newspapers so we won’t repeat the details of their professional achievements and loving family relationships, important as those were. Instead, we want to express our immense […]

Letter: An alternative to the deer problem

    To the Editor, In Westchester County there is an abundance of deer. They are too close to us, our plants and homes. Would it not make sense to put down on salt blocks a substance that would prevent deer from multiplying? Should a measure be put in place, it would limit the increase in deer. Doing […]

Letter: Children’s group submits county FOIL

To the Editor, In her capacity as chairperson of the Campaign for Kids, a coalition of more than 50 non-profit organizations and individuals concerned with creating and sustaining strong community-based youth development programs for Westchester youth, Cora Greenberg, executive director of Westchester Children’s Association, has submitted a FOIL records request to Westchester County. The request […]