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Winter cheer

Last weekend, the winter sports season kicked off with a few hockey games around Section I. And after taking quite a few of them in, I have to say that nothing rekindles memories of being a high school sports fan quite like the winter time for me. To be fair, I didn’t have that much […]

Column: The problems with parking

Parking is quite possibly the most recurring topic in our village given the obvious constraints of a limited inventory and competing needs. It has emerged even more front and center as a result of the two different projects under review at the Bronxville School—a FEMA flood mitigation plan and a new playing field initiative. From […]

Column: Another flood project update

Last week’s column on the FEMA flood mitigation project quite naturally generated additional inquiries, so the following is FEMA Part II.   How often will the pumps be tested? During the first 12 months following installation, testing will be performed on a monthly basis.  Each pump will be started and run for 10 to 15 […]

Column: Luncheons, music and feral cats

Last week, the Senior Citizen Thanksgiving luncheons were held in both downtown and West Harrison. More than 100 guests were served turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, vegetables and several selections of the most delicious pies. Many of the guests have been enjoying this annual banquet for a number of years, and look forward to it with great […]

Column: Talking turkey with the City Council

Dear City Council members and Rye taxpayers: Here are a few bothersome issues that just won’t go away… 1) Who provided the “private funds” that paid for the slick fundraising ad that came in the mail on Nov. 21, featuring the mayor’s photo under that of Mayor Morehead, who donated the City Hall 50 years […]

Column: Looking forward to Dec. 6

Until this fall, Rye High school students would be surprised when working in one of the old science labs. If the experiment called for water, the student would turn on one faucet at the lab table, only to have the water spurt out of the other faucet. While that may well have been good for […]

Flood project taking shape

Now that the FEMA flood mitigation grant project is reaching fruition, more residents are focusing on it and interested in learning some of the nuts and bolts of the plan. As a recap, the Village of Bronxville was awarded a hazard mitigation grant in 2012 for stormwater drainage system improvements. Though the project greatly benefits […]

Column: A section sweep

For the first time in about as long as I can remember, I won’t be making my way up to the Carrier Dome this year. It has become something of an autumn tradition for me over the years; hitting the road early the day after Thanksgiving, making the four-hour drive up NY-17 to Syracuse and […]