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Column: Pet Rescue, Mimi and me

When I started with this company as the Mamaroneck beat reporter in September 2012, I don’t think there was any predicting it would lead directly to the adoption of a three-legged cat, but it has. There are a few features that appear in your newspaper every week. One of them is a quarter page dedicated […]

Column: Wearing me out

While watching the Knicks struggle to play something resembling basketball against the Thunder on Christmas day, I was struck by something even more reprehensible and odious than the Knickerbockers’ effort level all season; the garish Christmas Day uniforms. In case you didn’t use the NBA’s Christmas programming to effectively avoid awkward conversations with the relatives, […]

Column: Changing the guard at Whitby Castle

According to a story in euronews, Queen Elizabeth was annoyed when royal police officers supposedly helped themselves to nuts from bowls at Buckingham Palace. So, it takes more than a fancy uniform or title to keep people scrupulously honest when they see a chance for a bit of easy larceny. There needs to be something […]

Column: Kensington show finally on the road

After almost three decades of false starts, the trustees and I are so pleased to announce the resurrection of the Kensington Road project. At our December Board of Trustees meeting, we selected Fareri Associates of Greenwich, Conn., to develop the project that was originally approved in 2007. The trustees and I and the ad hoc […]

Column: Just resolve to be better, jeez

Elsewhere in your newspaper this week, my colleague Lisa Jardine, in discussing a fitness program, said she didn’t want to make any broad, grandiose New Year’s resolutions because she knows doing such a thing is setting her up for failure. She’s absolutely right, but I’ll take things a step further. All New Year’s resolutions are […]

Column: Rolling the dice with board games

It’s amazing sometimes to see just how important these games are to some people. I’ve seen more than my fair share of bad behavior over the years, from underhanded tricks to gain an advantage and egregious displays of poor sportsmanship to out-and-out acts of aggression and violence. Of course, I’m not talking about my time […]

Column: No atheists amidst the shrapnel

I read the other day about a town where the custom had been for the local council to start meetings with someone reciting the Lord’s Prayer, a central feature of Christianity. The town has been told by the courts not to do that anymore. The idea is that this practice amounts to government endorsement of […]

Column: Breaking down the village budget

At the Board of Trustees December meeting, our village auditors from the firm of O’Connor Davies presented their review of our financial statements for the budget year June 1, 2012, to May 31, 2013. I am pleased to report we are in the best financial shape in recent history. The village received an unqualified opinion, […]