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Column: Figuring out Sochi

I’ll be dead honest; when it comes to watching most events in the Winter Olympics, I’m clueless. Now, it’s not that I don’t get the main gist of what’s going on. I think I understand the basics. In speed skating, luge, and other race-type events, the object is to get the best time. In slope-style […]

Column: These Harrison girls sure can cheer

I am happy to report the Westchester Arts Council’s Arts Alive Project recently awarded the Harrison Public Library a $1,000 grant for “Discover Japan through Music.” According to Library Director Galina Chernykh, the library will host an array of musical concerts and workshops for all ages. This is an excellent way to promote the exchange […]

Column: The Renaissance man of New Rochelle

Wikipedia’s definition of a Renaissance man, also known as a polymath, is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas. In the age of specialization, polymaths are not so easy to find. But find one I did. His name is Alvin Clayton, owner of Alvin & Friends, a contemporary take on Caribbean […]

Column: A super dreary day

Well that was certainly a bust. On Feb. 2, the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos squared-off in Super Bowl XLVIII, in a long-awaited match-up that pit the two pre-season favorites against each other with the Lombardi Trophy hanging in the balance. It was Peyton and the Broncos’ historically good offense against a vaunted Seattle […]

Column: More reasons for a Rye ombudsperson

This column, on Jan. 3, recommended the Rye City Council consider appointing an ombudsperson. She or he would be an impartial resident to whom other residents could turn when frustrated by official Rye action or inaction. The ombudsperson would confer privately with the relevant officials and see if the problem could be worked out amicably. […]

Column: Just the FAQs

This week’s column will serve as a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions to Village Hall staffers as well as reminders and clarification of certain time sensitive village procedures. Coming on the heels of two snowstorms, it is the opportune time to remind residents and merchants of the rules for safe passage […]