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Poetic License 1-17-14

Found Among my notes, this! There are hobgoblins in my soul. When they get dancing, singing, clapping, laughing, beating drums— I stop and listen! Who wrote these words? I hope I did! Mary Louise Cox, poet laureate of the Town and Village of Mamaroneck  

Column: 2013, it was a very good year

As is custom, the New Year brings thoughts of future plans as well as reflection upon the year just passed. In the village government sp-here, 2013 was a busy and productive year. To recap, as a result of vigilant oversight, we continue to have the fairest property assessments in the county, which is a vital […]

Column: Would you like to be on TV?

Imagine how deprived of local news we would be if our only printed news source was large-circulation newspapers. If the only places we could read about events in Rye were the New York City or countywide papers; we would not know much about local events. There simply isn’t enough space in a newspaper that tries […]

Column: I don’t like this any more than you do

This is not a column about the weather, though it may seem so at first. The holidays are over. Now we enter that period in which the days are short, cold, gray, oppressive and, if we’re not careful, depressing. My wife and I put our Christmas decorations away on Monday, Jan. 6. That’s about five […]

Column: The antidote to January

I have a love-hate relationship with the month of January. For one thing, it starts with a bang. After the big buildup of the holiday season and all the work it entails, you still have to have something special planned to mark its arrival. My New Year’s Eve celebrations have tended towards the anticlimactic. You […]

Column: Back on the NFL wagon

It’s been a while, football. Nice to have you back. I’ve often written about my love of professional football in this column. From following the Giants with a zealot’s fervor to obsessively micro-managing my fantasy football team, I have lost many a weekend to the allure of the NFL Sunday Ticket. Until this year. After […]

Column: A new leaf for Rye

Many years ago in Sweden, an experiment was begun that has proven helpful there and might ease some tensions in Rye. The Swedish crown created the official position of ombudsman. This was to be a means to mediate disputes between citizens and their government. An individual was appointed to the position, to conduct private talks […]

Column: Transition points for 2014

Rye praised in NYS report for its financial prudence The city was acknowledged last week by New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. “White Plains and Rye are on solid financial ground,” the comptroller said. Further, he added, “each municipality has been able to encourage economic development and cultivate financial stability for residents and taxpayers. To […]

Column: My list of the best books of 2013

“Best of” lists are very popular in December and some of my favorites center on books. It’s almost impossible to keep up with who has written what over the course of a year and that’s where the “Best of” lists come in. My Best Books of 2013 list includes books written by some of my […]