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Column: We’re getting squeezed from all sides over here

At the February monthly meeting, the trustees acted on a myriad of substantive issues in the areas of taxes, public works and public utilities. The board joined a consortium with neighboring communities—which includes New Rochelle, Eastchester, Ardsley, Tuckahoe, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Pelham and Pelham Manor—to challenge a proposed astronomical raise in water cost and hydrant […]

Column: Everybody comes (back) to Rick’s

Last Friday, Valentine’s Day, my wife and I went to see “Casablanca,” my favorite movie of all-time, at the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers. It was the fifth time I’ve seen “Casablanca” in a theater. As I watched, rapt as ever, something happened that’s never happened to me before and it made me realize that, each […]

Column: Happy birthday, George

Two hundred and eighty-two years ago, this Feb. 22, the father of our country was born and the White Plains Historical Society is throwing him its annual birthday party to celebrate. The festivities will take place at the Jacob Purdy House, one of Washington’s headquarters during the Revolutionary War on Sunday, Feb. 23, from 1 […]

Column: One for the old guys

If there is anything piling up faster than the snow outside, it’s the not-so-subtle reminders that I’m getting old. Now, I’m not talking about the fact that my back is acting up after I spent the past two days shoveling my driveway, or the fact snow days are now a nuisance rather than a cause […]

Poetic License 2-21-14

Pretending After all these years I still awaken before dawn pretending it’s my turn on watch as the world spins into light. Until the sky brightens I pretend it’s up to me to see that the world is kept safe. I have wished all these years that pretending had more power!

Column: Rest in peace, Phil McGovern

The City Council was gathered one evening long ago in the City Hall conference room. We had a difficult problem and, as mayor, I was expected to lead the way to a solution. Our city manager had abruptly resigned. This was a relief, because otherwise we would have been inclined to ease him out—no fun […]

Column: Come on with the snow already

Recently, it appears this winter is regularly bringing significant snowfall to our area. Given the magnitude and type of storms we are experiencing, the Highway Department’s main concern is to keep our primary roadways clear for emergency and official vehicles. After plowing, the focus is to remove large piles of plowed snow, located at intersections […]