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Column: They’re killing us slowly

The most difficult part of writing these articles myself, instead of hiring a professional, is that, as the deadline approaches, the pressure mounts and it gets more and more difficult to come up with a new topic that you might find interesting or amusing. After all, what could possibly be new after writing 154 Kitchen […]

Column: Artists in (their own) residence

I returned home from my summer vacation in Italy with art on the brain. And it wasn’t necessarily another museum visit I had in mind. I was more interested in the artists themselves. My search began with Helen Gates, the executive director of the Rye Arts Center, the largest multi-arts center in Westchester. “There are […]

Column: Heroes and the modern athlete

One of the more jarring and painful passages into adulthood for many people is the realization that the idols and heroes of one’s youth will often fail, in some way or another. The failure doesn’t have to be a spectacular one. It can simply be the moment that one realizes that the heroes of youth […]