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Column: Internet’s foggy future

The Internet is “under threat from a number of directions.” So concluded a 27-member independent task force of the Council on Foreign Relations. A cover letter dated July 18, 2013, from the task force chairs John D. Negroponte and Samuel J. Palmisano referred to task force recommendations “that the United States and its partners work […]

Column: VMAs? Not for me, not anymore

On Sunday night, I was overcome with a severe and acute case of “grandpa-itis.” If my deepest fears are confirmed, there is no cure and no doubt about it—I’m getting old. These bouts of pre-geriatricsim have occurred more frequently over the past year or so. From watching Ken Griffey Jr., perhaps the finest, most exciting […]

Column: Forward your calls, but heads up: bats

As summer comes to a close, and storm season approaches, I want to bring your attention to a very important, and underutilized, communication option. Last year, during Hurricane Sandy, many Harrison residents were unable to receive my nightly robo-calls as their phone service was interrupted during the storm. Forwarding your calls to an additional phone […]

Column: What is it about August?

On the first day of this month in 1914, Germany declared war on Russia, which had sided with Serbia after the assassination by a Serb on June 28 of the heir-presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne. On the third of August, Germany declared war on France. Eventually 32 nations were involved in World War I. We […]

Column: Cool tools for school

On a rainy Tuesday morning in August, I witnessed a small miracle in the basement of the Church of the Resurrection in Rye. Two hundred and sixty volunteers aged six to 90 turned up to fill 2,030 backpacks so that kids in our community can return to school with all the right tools. The bags […]

Column: Dear Mr. Fantasy

I’d like to think that my friends are–for the most part–a normal group of guys. And from an outside glance, they certainly seem to be. My buddies, whom I’ve known since kindergarten, are, to a man, gainfully employed, mature adults with a diverse array of interests from cooking and cigars to art and music. But, […]

Let’s get out of here, but check out this show first

Recently, the Harrison Fire Department took part in an Indian Point evacuation training drill. This exercise tested the department’s readiness in handling an evacuation of the area surrounding the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in the event of a plant emergency. The training was organized by the Westchester County Office of Emergency Management and the […]