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Lieutenant brings yoga to Tuckahoe police

By PEGGY BELLES The Tuckahoe police have learned to speak a new language.  In addition to the 10-codes, they now speak Sanskrit. On Sundays, instead of standing at attention, we stand in Tadasana, or mountain pose. The familiar “put your hands up” has become float your arms up and come to Anjali Mudra, hands in […]

Athlete of the week: Michael Ackert

By LAUREN DEMPSEY Flying through the sky meters above the water and then hitting the water with essentially no splash, Michael Ackert has been leading the diving team all winter. Only a freshman, this is already his third year on the team.  In fact, this year he is the only diver on Rye’s team. Michael […]

Column: A new approach to addressing Albany

Last month, I read an article in an upstate newspaper detailing an assignment that a Cazenovia first grade teacher, Catharine Taylor had given to her students. Ms. Taylor taught her students a new phrase: state aid. The assignment was to write the governor and ask for their school’s state aid back. As one could imagine […]

Letter: Fire letter doesn’t tell whole story

To the Editor, In response to the letter of gratitude authored by Mr. Richard Cherry, chairperson of the Town of Mamaroneck Housing Authority and published in your Feb. 27 edition, I would like to add my voice. The Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department indeed put forth remarkable effort and skill in extinguishing the fire at […]

Letter: Democrats remember Ross, Stampleman

    To the Editor, The Rye City Democratic Committee mourns the loss of two stalwart local Democrats. Obituaries for Warren Ross and Nancy Stampleman are available in local newspapers so we won’t repeat the details of their professional achievements and loving family relationships, important as those were. Instead, we want to express our immense […]

Letter: An alternative to the deer problem

    To the Editor, In Westchester County there is an abundance of deer. They are too close to us, our plants and homes. Would it not make sense to put down on salt blocks a substance that would prevent deer from multiplying? Should a measure be put in place, it would limit the increase in deer. Doing […]

Pet Rescue 3-6-2015

Penny was abandoned on the streets of Yonkers with her kittens.  She’s very sweet and affectionate and even a bit silly. Penny loves head butts and purrs constantly. Her kittens have now been adopted and this lovely lady is ready for her fur-ever home. Penny is spayed, up to date with all vaccinations and in excellent health, […]

What’s Going on in Eastchester 3-6-2015

Eastchester Public Library Reading buddies On Wednesday, March 11 at 7 p.m., 2nd and 3rd grade reading buddies will discuss “The Snow Spider,” the first of Jenny Nimmo’s Magician trilogy. Inspired by a Welsh mythology, “The Snow Spider” is the story of Welsh boy who on his ninth birthday learns that he may be a […]

What’s Going on in Harrison 3-6-2015

Harrison library events English Conversation Group Let’s speak English! Non-native speakers, practice your English and make new friends in an informal, volunteer-led setting and learn about the Harrison library too. There is no need to register or sign up. Group meets on Mondays from 11 a.m. to noon, at Uncle Henry’s Bar and Grill, 309 […]

What’s Going on in Rye 3-6-2015

Rye library events Documentary screening On Saturday, March 28 at 3 p.m., the Rye Free Reading Room along with the SPRYE organization will be hosting a screening of the documentary film “Elevated Thinking: The High Line in New York City.” The film is narrated by Susan Sarandon. Free admission. Rye Arts Center Summer program registration […]