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Town honors vets, patriots

Displays of patriotism were visible in Harrison on Tuesday, as the town held its annual ceremony for Veterans Day. On Nov. 11, town officials, veterans and residents gathered in West Harrison for a parade to honor those lost in battle on behalf of this country’s freedoms, as well as though still alive today.     […]

Rotating vendors join Rye Farmers Market

By NICOLE REED Happy autumn from Rye’s Down to Earth Farmers Market. First and foremost, I’d like to share big news: By popular demand, the market has been extended by two weeks. It will now run every Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., through Dec. 21, 2014. You’ll find the market—rain, shine, or snowflakes—in […]

13th annual gift guide

I hope that you already got your flu shots this year, but even the latest vaccine won’t protect you from the virulent strain of the holiday virus known as “Catalog Fever,” also referred to by its street names, “I Have to Have That, Flu,” and, for Steven King fans, “Captain Trips to the Internet.” This […]

Parker, Morque means SPI 2.0?

On Monday, Nov. 3, Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker held the second of three Playland-related meetings at the Rye library. Poorly advertised so far, they have garnered low turnout, which may just have been according to plan because what came up at this meeting on Nov. 3 would go over in Rye like a lead […]

Letter: A re-election thank you

To the Editor, A note of thanks to all who voted on Tuesday, Nov. 4, and especially to those who gave me the opportunity to serve a second term in the state Senate. I will continue to work hard and to be accessible to listen to your advice and ideas. Warmest wishes to all of […]

Letter: Peace remains up to Isreal

To the Editor, To bring to an end the crimes against humanity being committed against Palestinians everyday by Israel, and Israel’s right to defend itself from further attacks is predicated on several major principles. The establishment of two states, one under Palestinian control and Israel limiting its borders and stopping with its illegal settlements in […]

Letter: Charter changes must follow procedure

To the Editor, Something is very wrong in the City of Rye. Mayor Sack and the City Council recently changed our city charter twice. The first change took place at a regular City Council meeting, with no notice to the public and no public discussion. This change was relatively minor, but still a change to […]

Pet Rescue 11-24-2014

Sandy is a 7 month old black and white kitten who was born early this year in April with medium length hair. Adorable, playful and fun loving, she gets along beautifully with other cats, dogs and kids and will make a great family pet. She is a special little lady who will delight you and […]

What’s Going on in Mamaroneck 11-24-2014

  Mamaroneck Public Library events    The Mamaroneck library has installed a new wireless and mobile printing service.  This new service enables users to print documents, photos and more from their own computer or mobile device using the printeron app or website. In order to print, you need to choose your print location, provide your email […]

What’s Going on Rye 11-24-2014

Rye library events New gallery at the library “Thursday a.m. Take Two,” an exhibit of watercolor paintings by Rye Arts Center teacher Brigitte Loritz and her students, will be on display at the Rye Free Reading Room now until Nov. 26.  Many of the experienced watercolor students in Loritz’s Thursday morning art class have been […]