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Panel discusses ‘crisis in criticism’

By James Pero Honored, a little moved, and slightly freaked out: that’s how Manhola Dargis, the New York Times’ chief film critic and SUNY Purchase graduate, felt taking the stage at Purchase’s Performing Arts Center, where she and a distinguished troupe of panelists discussed the role of the modern critic.  “I’m trying to remember the […]

Letter: Fresh and new may not be what’s best

    To the Editor, Rye does not stand at a crossroads. The reform of our government began when Mayor Sack and the current council were elected to office in 2013. Meg Cameron, the current Rye Democratic Party chairwoman, was beaten badly in that election as a candidate for city council. Richard Slack and Richard […]

Letter: Re-elect Richard Mecca

    To the Editor, I write to urge fellow residents of Rye to re-elect Richard Mecca to the city council. I have been honored to serve with Richard on the city council over the past two years. Richard has brought a refreshing dose of down-to-earth common sense to our deliberations. Time after time when […]

letter: Get senior citizens involved and heard

    To the Editor, To be the best community it can be, Rye needs the presence and wisdom of senior citizens. In turn, seniors need elected representatives who care about the issues of affordability, accessibility and appropriate city services. At one of the City Council candidates’ debate the tickets’ contrasting approaches to these issues […]

Letter: Watson should replace Parker

  To the Editor, The role of county legislator can be one of the more obscure and ineffective positions in local government, especially if you are content with just filling space and feeling important. But as a county legislator, you can actually make a difference, mainly if you are willing to work hard and take […]

letter: I endorse Judge Lust for town justice

    To the Editor, Election Day is right around the corner. I am writing to express my support and endorsement of Judge Marc Lust, who has served our community as town justice for the past 16 years. I have known Judge Lust for nearly 30 years, ever since he and his family moved to […]

Letter: Sheila Marcotte goes above and beyond

    To the Editor, It is refreshing to see an elected legislator working so hard for each of us. Sheila Marcotte’s work ethic is inspiring. I am not just referring to her county budget work, resulting in no tax levy increases—five years in a row—or her efforts to deliver true bipartisan reform to the […]

Letter: Support The Community Fund

  To the Editor, The Community Fund plays an essential role within the Village of Tuckahoe. The Community Fund generously funds the Tuckahoe Trolley which is utilized by the Eastchester Community Action Program, ECAP, and along with the Tuckahoe police, collaborates with youth programs. It is used in the Irish parade and the Memorial Day […]