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Column: This is not a good sign

At the June Board of Trustees meeting, residents residing near the proposed Kensington Road development were in attendance to add their thoughts to a parking discussion. In addition to dealing with the needs of the overnight parkers who will be temporarily displaced, which is a paramount issue for the village, we had a very informative […]

Column: The village is in good, steady hands

Village government has undergone unprecedented change in just a few months with the departure of Village Administrator Harry Porr, Village Treasurer Bob Fels and, just this week, Superintendent of Public Works Rocco Circosta announced his retirement. Collectively, we lost nearly a century of government experience. As you can imagine, the loss of key personnel put […]

Column: Nothing heard, nothing gained

At this time of year, I am a keen observer of commencement addresses, having spent weeks writing one to deliver at the Bronxville High school graduation of 2008. It was the honor of my life. This past month, I was struck by the number of extremely accomplished, ground-breaking, brave people who were disinvited or respectfully […]

Column: Memorial Day remarks

Good morning and God bless America. A warm welcome to our clergy, distinguished colleagues, police and firemen, community organizations and, most especially, the children to the 94th annual Bronxville parade and commemoration. Today I have the distinct pleasure to honor, on behalf of all of you, a lifelong Bronxvillian, Robert Riggs, as our grand marshal. […]

Column: Mother’s Day has deep roots

After enjoying a very special three-generation Mother’s Day on Sunday, the whole concept and origin of the celebration piqued my interest and lead to fascinating discoveries. Throughout history, mothers have been honored as goddesses or through festivals of celebration, usually in the springtime, recognizing the rebirth of the land and the beginning of the most […]

Column: Making the village beautiful for spring

The continued spate of mild weather has thankfully reawakened the village after our long hibernation. Sidewalks are busy, bicycles are out, projects are starting and flowers are finally popping. Traditionally, this time of year is the busiest and prettiest in our village. Our outdoor farmer’s market opens this Saturday on Stone Place and Paxton Avenue […]

Column: Our library is a jewel of the community

While walking home from Village Hall this week, I crossed at the library corner and realized what a gem, and a sometimes hidden gem, we have in this institution. Begun as a reading room in 1875, our formal library has been in its current home since 1942. Our library, thanks to an innovative director, a […]

Column: Breaking down this year’s budget

The trustees and I approved both a capital budget and a 2014-2015 operating budget at the April Board of Trustees meeting. Both reflect the changing face of the economy and the village in 2014. Our capital budget of $3.5 million, almost $1 million more than our last capital outlay, reflects the realization of a 100-year-old […]

Column: Emerging from our long, cruel winter

As spring weather will hopefully grace the village soon, it is time to put the shovels away and think about plants and lawns and green. On the municipal level, the village continues to care for all lawns and open spaces by mulching in place, leaving grass clippings as fertilizer and keeping all of our properties […]

Column: Moving forward on Kensington Road

This past week, on behalf of the Village of Bronxville, I officially signed the agreement to develop the Kensington Road property by Fareri Associates of Greenwich, Conn. Believe it or not, development of this property has been 30 years in the making with several false starts. Probably the last blighted piece of property in the […]