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Column: Fine music for pre-teens

On Sunday, Aug. 3, my wife Pat and I had the great pleasure of visiting Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts. At this idyllic setting in northern Westchester, Pat has served as a trustee for 35 years. Caramoor is the leading outdoor summer music location in the New York metropolitan area. The occasion on […]

Column: July 17: A day to forget

Downing of a passenger jet and invasion of disputed territory; all in one day. We can only hope, as one commentator put it, this is not a Francis Ferdinand day, referring to June 28, 1914, when the Austro-Hungarian Archduke was assassinated in Sarajevo, leading to World War I. If the downed plane was, as announced, […]

Column: July Fourth and sundry weddings

When my family first moved to Rye 58 years ago, there was no official Rye celebration of Independence Day. Before we got a city manager, the City Council may have felt it had enough to do already running the departments of local government without a full-time professional administrator. After all, there was always Playland or […]

Column: Should we risk U.S. lives to save Iraqi lives?

Time’s June 30 cover puts it bluntly with the title, “The End of Iraq.” The Economist’s June 21 to 27 issue gave this post first World War background: “Working with France, Britain set up monarchies and protectorates, forging nations out of the tribes and sects that littered the Ottoman provinces.” The Economist’s prediction is that, […]

Column: Rye Democrats drop out

I am deeply saddened to read in the June 13 issue of The Rye City Review that we no longer have a two-party election system here. The Republican Party has nominated candidates for City Council. The Democratic Party has nominated no one else, and has even made its default explicit by endorsing the Republican candidates. […]

Column: D-Day and after

When our troops landed early in June 1944 on the Normandy beaches, my ship, the U.S.S. Loy, was headed away from the shores of France, not toward them. We spent the last few months off the French coast, trying to destroy German subs as they left from, or returned to, their bases on the Bay […]

Column: Are we ready for September storms?

They say Memorial Day starts the summer, and they say Labor Day ends it. But I think summer ends with the last of the September storms. It seems as if the weather calms down after Sept. 21, the official end of summer. I recall vividly the disastrous hurricane of 1938, which wrecked such havoc on […]