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Column: Driving on Forest and storm safety

My family and I have lived on Forest Avenue for close to 60 years. At first, there were no joggers and few walkers on the street. In fact, it was so rare for anyone to exercise on Forest that a rookie police officer stopped me one evening because he suspected I was running away from […]

Column: The unshaven look

As a boy, I was familiar with only one living leader who had a beard. That was the Chief Justice of the United States, Charles Evans Hughes. Of course, one was bound to have seen photos of President Lincoln in his later years with a beard. And there was always Santa Claus. But by and […]

Column: Dealing with police use of force in Philly

My first assignment as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia, a city of two million, was to control the use of force by homicide squad detectives when questioning suspects. The squad was commanded by Capt. James Kelly, whose private office I was to sit in when not out on a case. I don’t imagine this […]

Column: Rye over 50 years ago

Fifty-plus years ago there was no Rye City Hall, only a gas station on that side of the Village Green. Most city departments except police and fire were run out of the Square House. To say that our venerable 18th century treasure was under strain would be a huge understatement. The city council also met […]

Column: Pluto or Iran: which is harder to reach?

From the Wright brothers’ flight a few feet off the ground 112 years ago to a three-billion mile journey through space, and from a threatening nuclear standoff to a promised 15-year-long reprieve, which is the greater accomplishment? The Pluto fly-by required enormous physical power controlled by huge amounts of software. The Iran deal called for […]

Column: Hero’s kiss spurned, face slapped

The New York Times on July 3 told how our most illustrious French ally was received here in 1824 with “a frenzy that would put Beetlemania to shame.” Be that as it may, Lafayette did not fare so well on that same visit with a five-year-old Quaker girl from whom my late mother was descended. […]

Column: A Rye TV masterpiece

Back in the days when Rye TV was called Rye Community TV, or RCTV, there was one amateur-produced program that outshone all the others. It was called “What’s Your Rye Q,” and was organized and staged by Ted and Pat Levine. Pat Levine was an elected member of the Rye City Council and is credited […]

Column: A (round) trip to Dannemora

Quite a few years ago, I was appointed by the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division in Brooklyn to represent a man incarcerated at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y. We exchanged letters, and he demanded that I come there and visit him. A lawyer has extensive responsibilities toward her/his client, whatever the […]

Column: Can Kurds take on ISIS?

Kurds won legislative seats in Turkey’s June 7 elections. This could augur well for an ancient people with no country of their own. When King Richard of Britain, known as “the Lionhearted,” made ready to wrest Jerusalem from the Muslims, he was opposed by a leader named Saladin. While commander of the Syrian army and […]