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Trustees approve new harbor late fee

By ASHLEY HELMS The countdown has begun. For the first time in history, summertime boaters will now be hit with a fine if they don’t pay their harbor dues on time. Boat owners that use the Village of Mamaroneck harbor have until Feb. 15 to pay their dues or they will be hit with a […]

Resident opposes sewer plan

By ASHLEY HELMS Installing a new sewer line at the Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club may become an uphill battle after the club’s proposed plan to replace the line near Otter Creek faced opposition from a Shore Acres resident who would be directly affected by the construction plans. Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club, located at […]

Larchmont company executive indicted for theft

By ASHLEY HELMS Gregg Pierleoni, the former chief financial officer of Larchmont-based Collins Brothers Moving, was indicted on two felony charges in the United States District Court in White Plains on Jan. 2. He is accused of engaging in mail and wire fraud to support an extravagant lifestyle and lavish purchases including collectible coins and […]

Village property assessments discussion continues

By ASHLEY HELMS Property value assessments and the future of the Village of Mamaroneck’s assessor’s office has sparked discussion again, with concerns centering on what steps the village can take if they adopt the Town of Mamaroneck’s tax rolls, including procedures for new certiorari claims. If the village ceased to function as an assessment unit […]

Town environmental group moves forward

By ASHLEY HELMS In keeping up with its attentiveness to all things environmental, the Town of Mamaroneck is in the midst of ironing out a focus for its Sustainability and Resiliency Committee. Though it was created two years ago, the committee is planning to kick-off two workshops in February so the public can throw out […]

U-turns prohibited on Mamaroneck Avenue

By ASHLEY HELMS Motorists driving along Mamaroneck Avenue in the village  may want to think twice before making a u-turn. As of Jan. 13, the Board of Trustees approved the abolition of u-turns at the intersection of Knollwood and Soundview avenues heading southbound into the village on Mamaroneck Avenue, as well as northbound in the […]

Dredging machine debate ongoing

By ASHLEY HELMS Whether or not the Village of Mamaroneck should buy its own silt removal machine to help mitigate flooding has resurfaced, but, despite some contention, the Board of Trustees may be closer to deciding the best course of action. The village is deciding whether it should continue to contract for river dredging as […]

Mamaroneck Village considers new dog laws

By ASHLEY HELMS New provisions to a Village of Mamaroneck local law aimed at increasing safety for dogs and residents may have some extra bite to them. The Board of Trustees is considering mandating dog owners to relicense their pets on an annual basis, acquire liability insurance worth at least $50,000 in case of a […]

Food and wine festival coming to village

By ASHLEY HELMS The Southern Westchester Food and Wine Festival will likely be heading to the Village of Mamaroneck in September, but some members of the Board of Trustees had some concerns about the nuts and bolts of the festival’s contract. As long as an agreeable contract can be worked out, which village officials expect, […]

Town out of HUD settlement

By ASHLEY HELMS One less Westchester municipality remains on the Dep-artment of Housing and Urban Development’s list of communities earmarked for construction of affordable housing units. The Mamaroneck Town Cou-ncil received notification on Dec. 11 from James Johnson, HUD’s federal monitor, that, due to its efforts in expanding opportunities for affordable housing, the town would […]